Art-Athina Platforms Project (Farilo Pavilion) - Athens, Greece (2015)

Accumulation no.3, 2015

video, 01:52

Curated by Scott McGovern for Ed Video Media Arts Centre for Art-Athina Platforms Project in June 2015 

Wine corks, film canisters, toothpicks and pipes, among other objects were collected throughout the streets of Athens, Greece. This video brings them all together on the floor of the abandoned Tae Kwon Do Stadium. 


Xpace External Space - Toronto, Canada (2014)

Accumulation no.2, 2014

video, 01:07

This video was made for Xpace Cultural Centre and was featured on as well as in the The Learning Zone at OCADU.

A collection of common objects and scrap materials are brought together. As the objects are arranged one after another in The Learning Zone, they gradually accumulate to form a construction. It's continuously changing as the objects are strung together, and the structure deconstructs as quickly as it was built.

(formerly titled SemiCycle)


Alexander Project Room - Guelph, Canada

Accumulation (for Rube Goldberg), 2013

This stop-motion video documents the accumulation of a natural collector, the process of building a construction, and an attempt to achieve a futile goal.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     © juliane foronda 2013-2019