the first thing I look for in a party is a chair, 2017

paper, custom-made pine shelf, ink

as part of this will never finish at Support, London CA

Akimbo review by Kim Neudorf

Foronda thefirstthingilookforinapartyisachair


Here they are. Held and holding tightly, just enough. I begin to think of that moment where everything shifts from fear into trust. Then there are the feelings that I haven’t quite found the words for yet. Sometimes saying it ruins it; I’d prefer to have both scent and sound. Is this just a space to fill the silence?

If it’s holding you, what’s holding me? The answer doesn’t seem as relevant as the time it takes to respond. And I’m not sure who needs the other more.

Do you exist for my comfort? It almost seems too easy; typical. Sparsity, repetition, delay. Nearly, absolutely. I begin to wonder how many parts of someone you can (should) hold without having them entirely. You teach me things that I don’t always want to learn. You learn to savour time the less you have it. I begin to lean, rest. I look up, and notice a few more stars in the sky

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     © juliane foronda 2013-2019