traces (of the window, the roof, the ceiling, the ground, the banister, the outside, the light), 2016

temporary tattoos

Curated by Anna Leif Elídóttir as part of Hvolfspegill at the Sigurjóns Ólafsson Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland.

The shapes and colour of the tattoos were derived from the Sigurjóns Ólafsson Museum. Rather than altering the space itself, this work offered the space to the viewers. This work spans as far as the audience does, and the action of putting on the tattoo is both personal and collective.

For the duration of the exhibition, the pile of tattoos was replenished as needed as visitors were invited to take one (or more) away with them. They became this ephemeral object and action that existed in the moment, or as a performative act that relied on the collective action of the visitors. As the tattoos were moved and removed from the pile, the sculptural nature of the work was made clearer as the pile continued to change over time. 

IMG 20161201 111951

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