trying to tickle the sun, 2018

video, 04:41

trying to tickle the sun attempts to touch something that touches us, and deals with the desire to attain something that seems impossible. Our reliance for the sun is not reciprocal, but the feeling of the hot sun kissing your skin is so comforting that you sometimes can’t help but feel like it’s shining just for you. The sun is for everyone; we are not unique to it. But we all share it. 

This work is rooted in the feeling of something slipping between your fingers as hard as you try to contain it – a sort of hopeless aspiration. This is a video of my hand that is hovering over the camera lens that is pointed up towards the sun, and my fingers are slowly moving in front of it, both shielding and exposing the rays to the lens.

This is an attempt to reach, to understand, to see, to be blinded, to (un)learn, to try, to fail, and to try again. It’s not so much about the reality, but about the dream and the desire to persevere – to build bridges instead of walls – and allow ourselves fall into the warmth entirely.

in progress video available here.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Surnadal Billag A/S Residency and the Canada Council for the Arts for their support on this project.

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